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Kristy James - VOCAL & GUITAR


Kristy James is the Principal and Founder of Pitch Perfect Music Tuition. The school opened in January 2018 and has been growing ever since.


A Multi-Award Winning Singer and Songwriter, Kristy has had a successful career spanning 20 years. Kristy has been taught by some of the world's best vocal coaches, including Renee Grant-Williams (Christina Aguilera, Keith Urban) and James Lugo (American Idol and Glee Vocal Coach). Kristy has accomplished many things throughout her career, including winning 2 Australian Songwriters Awards, 2 Australian Best Live Performers Awards as well as having been a judge on Channel 7s All together Now and having a #4 Australian ARIA Album, #2 Australian Country Album,  #3 iTunes Album and #3 AIR Independent Labels Album. Kristy has had all 8 of her film clips played on CMC (Country Music Channel).

Kristy has been teaching since she was 17 years old. She has taught with many schools, including Showbiz Talent School, Rosies School of Rock and National Music Academy. 

Kristy has a true passion for wanting to teach not only singing but self-confidence "building your self-confidence is the tool to unlocking who you really are." 

You can see more on our Principal here:


Mellanie Brady - VOCAL


Mellanie has been with us from the start, she has been there during our concerts, classes and our recent taping of our Pitch Perfect advertising videos. 


Mellanie has been singing and performing her whole life and has been coached by both Kristy James and Valerie Tambyln-Mills. Mellanie has won many competitions including the Mayfield Hotel, United Sports Club, Blackbutt Hotel, Warners Bay Hotel, Caledonian Hotel, Shoal Bay Country Club, Belmont Hotel and more. Her vocal ability is astounding as is her ability to perform. 

Mellanie is a part of a duo called Aurora Fall, they cover all kinds of material as well as their own original music.

Mellanie is wonderful with our students, she is kind and the students love her. 

These days Mellanie spends a lot of time working for her Hair and Makeup business, spreading her time between makeup and music. 

Mellanie is an exceptional vocalist who has worked on her craft her whole life, she has a great understanding and knowledge base and we are excited to have her as a part of our team. 

Luke Davis - GUITAR


Luke has been working full time in the music industry for over 25 years. An accomplished guitar player, recording engineer and producer, Luke has performed with and supported many artists as a vocalist and guitar player including Shawn Mullins, Adele, The Angels, The Choirboys, Dragon and many more.

Luke has worked as a guitar teacher in the music industry for over 20 years and is a well respected, versatile and talented guitar teacher. 

Luke splits his time between teaching and recording, his projects include engineering and producing the ARIA #2 album RAW by Kristy James. Luke shares his time between Australia and the USA working on mulpile projects for artists, as well as writing music for television and film. 

Luke has also spent the last 25 years playing in local acts such as Dr Zoom with Marty Worrall, Haze, Kadence and as a soloist. 

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